About Us

The Blue Whale Difference

With over three decades of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide comprehensive solutions for your corporation. Our market research helps you make informed decisions on strategy while our reliable data speeds up your management capabilities. To help drive innovation in your industry, get expert assistance from a company who has been uncovering opportunities around the  globe for decades – Blue Whale Insights!

With our strategic connections, we’re able to provide you with a ton of knowledge. We can help plan corporate strategy or even design effective marketing campaigns. That’s just the start though!

Our Process


1. Preparation

We’re selective and careful in our analysis of various databases to ensure that we have the right people who are a good fit for paid surveys.

2. Outreach

We reach out to potential respondents using a variety of channels, such as phone calls and email messages.


3. Surveys

We offer up short survey opportunities that’ll only take 10 minutes or less. Respondents can check out these questions anonymously from home!

4. Payment

Upon successful completion of the survey, the respondent can be paid via multiple different options including bank transfer, Paypal and more.

Mission and Vision

Blue Whale Insights strives for excellence and efficiency in providing high-quality research. We understand that it’s what’s right for you, not just our bottom line. That is why we ensure your needs are met with a quality experience tailored specifically to suit your company’s unique situation so the end goal of increased revenue becomes an attainable reality!